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Solace For Hope Goes National With

Orange County based nonprofit Solace for Hope has reached beyond its local roots to support a new national cause created by Gibson Guitars’ charity arm Gibson Gives and the Grammy’s charity arm Music Cares along with Solace for Hope and other music related nonprofits.

TEMPO stands for “Teaching and Empowering Musicians to Prevent Overdose”. Its objective is to train musicians and those supporting them to identify an overdose in progress and administrator Naloxone and Antecdote. These simple to use drugs reverse the often fatal effects of heroin and illicit synthetic opioids within minutes.

TEMPO was rolled out in June 2021 to support musicians and those related to the music industry and to bring awareness of the opioid epidemic that is gripping the nation with especially hard hit music industry. The pandemic magnified the problem as an entire industry lost its ability to play live performances.

Solace for Hope a 501 (3) (c) charity will provide emotional support thru meetings both in person and online for those affected by the opioid epidemic nationwide. This includes families and friends who have lost a loved one, those in any stage of recovery, and ones who support a loved one in the midst of addiction.

Solace for Hope was founded by Maggie Fleitman and Jeff and Don Lace of Lace Music Products, both of which lost their sons and nephew to an
opioid overdose.

Solace for Hope currently holds in person meetings in Orange County, LA County, and online on a weekly basis. The Solace Meditation garden to honor those lost loved ones is located in Tustin, Ca. and is open year round.

Distribution of Antecdote and Naloxone will be available thru Gibson Offices, Music Cares, Lace Music Products, and others on a no charge basis.

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Families of Addicted Loved Ones Uniting Together


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Solace For Hope Hosts 2021
2nd Annual Ornament-A-Thon

Solace For Hope held its 2nd Annual Ornament-A-Thon on December 5th at the Solace Meditation Garden and surrounding area in Old Town Tustin.

In remembrance of those who we have lost, special handmade see-thru Ornaments made by families to hang on the ten-foot-tall Solace Christmas tree in the garden.

The Ornaments along with hand painting remembrance rocks surrounding the tree was a beautiful site for all that attended this great event.

 The Mayor of Tustin, Letitia Clark was the Solace For Hope guest of honor officially lighting the Solace tree during the evening.

Attendees enjoyed food and beverages while enjoying the evening listening to jazz musician the fantastic Dean Grech.

A silent auction highlighted the fundraising evening that included everything from gift baskets from local merchants to a Gibson electric guitar.

Special thanks to everyone that volunteered to put on this magnificent event during, after, and before our 2 nd Annual Ornament-A-Thon event.

The 3 rd Annual Ornament-A-Thon will be held on December 4th, 2022.

Maggie Fleitman has four sons, and her oldest child's addiction to opioids ultimately led to a heroin overdose.

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Tustin Meditation Garden

Solace For Hope hosts
The 1st Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner