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After doing all she knew to do at the time, and supporting and loving her son, Mitchell, through his journey of opioid use disorder and mental health challenges, Maggie Fleitman has chosen to turn the ultimate tragedy of the loss of her oldest son into a purpose-driven life.

She shares her story in hopes of saving lives, and ultimately saving families from a lifetime of a devastating loss. Maggie is passionate about remembering and honoring all lost loved ones to substance use disorders and mental health crisis. She launched a non-profit in 2012, which was renamed Solace For Hope in 2019, for the purpose of offering support and compassion to impacted families, through in-person and virtual meetings. Maggie, who is also a Certified Narcan Trainer in opioid overdose recognition and response, encourages families to become empowered by being prepared in the event of an overdose emergency. She has connected an amazing network of families and people from the recovery community who offer support and compassion towards each other, for all that they have been through.
Maggie’s main mission and message to other families is that they know that they are not alone. Their lives are not defined by the disease that overtook them. They were and still are so much more.




Our mission at Solace For Hope is to offer safe and compassionate meeting places for family members and friends who have been impacted by Substance Use Disorder and loss.

At Solace For Hope, we openly talk about Substance Use Disorders, mental illness, incarceration, loss, and healing. We create a safe space to give families an opportunity to voice their grief, struggles, fears, tears, and triumphs. Solace is a place where we build a sense of fellowship and community, so that we don’t feel isolated or alone in our journey, and can improve our coping skills with compassion and understanding.

Making A Difference

Solace For Hope is dedicated to offering comfort, support, and resources to those who have lost a family member or are trying to save a family member from the devastating effects of opioid dependence and other substance use disorders.

Solace educates the public by hosting meetings for impacted families while also offering certified life-saving techniques that can save a loved one during an opioid overdose episode.

In Remembrance

Losing even one musician to overdose is too many.
It Must Stop.

Gibson Gives partners with SOLACE for Hope to launch TEMPO

Training and Empowering Musicians to Prevent Overdose, TEMPO saves musicians lives after elevated opioid overdose risk due to COVID-19 pandemic

Losing even one musician to overdose is too many.
It Must Stop.

About Us

Our Team

Our team of volunteers, headed by Maggie Fleitman, is dedicated to aiding those affected by Substance Abuse, for family members, friends, or those in recovery. Members on the Executive Board of Solace for Hope have lost a loved one due to Substance Abuse in most cases.

Our History

Solace For Hope™ was started in 2012 under its original name “Solace” when founder Maggie Fleitman sought out help to cope with the loss of her oldest son Mitch at the age of 22 due to an overdose. Since then thousands of family members, and those in recovery or seeking support have attended a Solace meeting or event. Since 2019 our cause was officially made a 501(3)(c) charity and its name was changed to Solace For Hope™ to better describe its meaning and function as an ongoing support group.

Our Goals

Solace For Hope™ goals is to provide comfort and support, understanding and help to those who have lost a loved one, are supporting a loved one in their battle against addiction and those who are in recovery programs nationwide. Solace For Hope™ seeks to offer meetings and interaction via online and in person to anyone in need in a non-judgmental setting. Solace For Hope™ will train any individuals or groups in need of the proper use of Naloxone by a certified instructor. Solace For Hope™ intends to raise funds to open Solace Detox centers and support nationwide.


Solace For Hope™ opens new LA County location for in-person meetings.

April 14, 2021

Mission Viejo – Solace For Hope™ proudly announces its third location opening in the city of Covina in Los Angeles county.

This is an in-person meeting with all protocols for a safe distanced meeting location as needed.

The location will be held on a “once a month” schedule for the next 4 months. Additional meetings will be added as per the demand in this new Los Angeles County venue.

“This is a wonderful serene location used for many events thru out the year. We are so happy to be able to use this great facility for Solace For Hope™ in-person meetings” stated Maggie Fleitman.

The first meeting will be held on April 19th at 7 PM. Meetings will be conducted until 9:00 PM. Coffee, water, and snacks will be provided.

Future dates are as follows: May 17th, June 14th, July 12th, and August 9th.

The location is at: Clemencia’s Garden located at 21056 East Cienaga, Covina, CA 91724.

Parking is on-premise, so please drive down the long access road to park.

For further information, please contact:

Cindy Trott
(909) 646-0915 

You Are Not Alone...

Supporting families who have been impacted by Substance Use Disorders and need a safe, non-judgmental place to share and be met with love and compassion. Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, concerned about a loved one’s struggle, or are in recovery, all are welcome!


Donations of any size are greatly appreciated to Solace For Hope. Solace For Hope is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Supported by OC Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board.



Solace For Hope™, an Orange County 501 (3) (c) charity invites you to join us at one of our fundraising events. Attending one of our fundraising events is a great way to get involved and help us further increase the awareness of our cause and to let families know there is a support group for them. 

To learn more about what events we have planned, check out our upcoming events page by clicking the button below. We look forward to seeing you!