Solace For Hope, A Grief Support Group
Celebrates 7 years

November 19, 2019

Cypress, Ca- Solace For  Hope, a nonprofit group dedicated to helping those who have lost a loved one with the opioid epidemic, alcohol and other substances is celebrating its 7 years of existence this month.

Founded by Maggie Flietman, a mother who lost her oldest son Mitch Flietman at age 22 to a heroin overdose 9 years ago and needed a place to go where her lost was understood, rather than judged.  Mrs. Flietman has been helping those in the same situation thru weekly meeting at in Mission Viejo and since last June, in Cypress.

The Cypress location meetings are held at Cypress Community College the first and third Thursday of the month.

The Cypress location has been under written and promoted by Cypress business owners Don and Jeff Lace of Lace Music Products who lost Don’s son Donnie Lace III, to a heroin overdose last year. The Lace brothers wanted to do something to help those in need. Both brothers have dedicated themselves to helping Flietmen expand the unique format of a Solace For Hope meetings thru out California. Jeff Lace is acting President and Don Lace is a board member of Solace For Hope.

Don Lace stated “ Last year included the worst day of my life, because of Solace we are in a much better place in terms of support of our loss and are entrusted with the ability to help others which is the “hope” part of the name. It is truly a unique and powerful experience”.

After discussions with Chief of Police Cox, Mayor Berry of Cypress and the President of Cypress College, Dr. Jo Anna Schilling, a room has been committed for the “North Orange County” Solace meetings. The alternative meeting site is the office of Lace Music Products in Cypress.

Solace For Hope has been recently received its 501 (3)(c) nonprofit status and is building its infrastructure and fund raising to expand to multiple locations thru out Southern California.

Maggie Flietman, was recently interviewed on Good Day LA on November 11th. The link to the interview is on

To date, over 6000 families have attended a Solace for Hope meeting. The meeting is a unique format where families who have lost a love one are joined by families that are in the midst of helping a love out of addiction and those currently in recover either thru a recovery program or individually.

For more information please contact Maggie Flietman at (949) 874-1047 or Don Lace, Jeff Lace at (714)898-2776 for information.