Solace For Hope Exhibits
At 2020 NAMM Show

Anaheim, Ca-Solace For Hope participated at the annual National Association of Music Merchants for the second year.

Hosted by Lace Music Products in the Lace exhibit, Solace For Hope displayed inside the Lace booth.

Backed by handouts, wrist bands and a Solace video Solace Founder, Maggie Flietman took the cause and reason for Solace to the music industry. The display even garnered the attention of CNN News, who will run the interview in the near future.

Hosts Don Lace and his brother Jeff Lace are on the Board of Directors of Solace For Hope and have helped grow Solace since loosing Donnie Lace III, to an overdose in November 2018.

“It is our vision and duty to take the Solace program nationwide” stated Don Lace. “Starting with the music industry that we have been involved with for 40 years just makes sense” further stated Jeff Lace, Vice President of Solace For Hope.