Finding Solace After A Major Loss W/ Maggie Fleitman

After doing all she knew to do at the time, and supporting and loving her son, Mitchell, through his journey of opioid use disorder and mental health challenges, Maggie Fleitman has chosen to turn the ultimate tragedy of the loss of her oldest son into a purpose-driven life.

She shares her story in hopes of saving lives, and ultimately saving families from a lifetime of a devastating loss. Maggie is passionate about remembering and honoring all lost loved ones to substance use disorders and mental health crisis. She launched a non-profit in 2012, which was renamed Solace For Hope in 2019, for the purpose of offering support and compassion to impacted families, through in-person and virtual meetings. Maggie, who is also a Certified Trainer in opioid overdose recognition and response, encourages families to become empowered by being prepared in the event of an overdose emergency. She has connected an amazing network of families and people from the recovery community who offer support and compassion towards each other, for all that they have been through.
Maggie’s main mission and message to other families is that they know that they are not alone. Their lives are not defined by the disease that overtook them. They were and still are so much more.